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Are Managers Too Busy To Be Fair? You Make The Call

New research, published in the Academy of Management Journal, reveals that employees who complain about managers not treating them "fairly" isn't about managers being biased - it's about managers not taking time to listen and instead being too focused on juggling "multiple competing priorities."

When there are too many priorities to manage adequately, managers lose their focus on how they treat employees, according to a survey of 107 U.S.-based managers in a variety of industries.

How can managers prioritize fairness? "Set a daily or weekly schedule to check on employees, equipment, or on the status of ongoing work", and establish a regular meeting schedule. Cynthia Corzo "Are managers too busy to be fair? Probably, an FIU Business study reveals" news.fiu.edu (Jun. 04, 2019).  

So, the question for our readers is: are managers too busy to be fair?

Please let us know and take the poll. Here are some opinions of some of the McCalmon editorial staff:

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

We thought that technology would make things easier…even better…but it has actually made things busier. There is far more being communicated to us from different sources and different means…it is no longer just the phone and the fax. When we meet, it is often in a group and not individually. The vast majority of managers do care and want to be fair, but finding time for face-to-face individualized meetings is a challenge. Even so, I think it is worth the time, and perhaps may be the most important time, managers spend.

Leslie Zieren, Esq.

When everyone is busy living at a fast-pace at home; when workloads are too heavy and project deadlines approach too fast; when digital messages and alerts beep and ding our mobile phones all day (and night!) long, inviting or requiring responses; it's not surprising that employees want some actual human interaction and face-to-face attention. We recently wrote about the importance of listening as a key leadership skill. "Engaging Others Requires Listening and Other Communication Skills" 
(June 16, 2019).

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Finally, your opinion is important to us. Please complete the opinion survey: